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The faithpays Chms  is a specialized system  that assists churches and other religious organizations in organization and automation of daily operations. The faithpays Chms foster church growth and development at zero or little token

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When It Comes To Organizational Bonding Is Ok Is Not Just Good Enough

Decades ago, church service was limited to just physical presence. Pastors could know who is and who is not in service by mere looking at the congregation. But with the advancement of the church congregation this approach to healthy congregation becomes orthodox. As churches could no longer grow an d keep their congregation with a glance.
Through the combination of faithpays comprehensive giving and all inclusive solution with Church Community enhancer’s,  and second to none faithpays church management system, we’re better equipped to help you lead and serve your congregation with innovative technology that encourages generosity and facilitates community. Together, it’s the total engagement solution you need, thanks to technology like

Online Giving

A complete suite of online Giving tools that make it easier, faster, and more secure for people to be generous.

Church Apps

Custom-branded Church Apps for a true mobile-first experience for your congregation.

Donor Development Dashboard 

The Donor Development Dashboard that will give you a complete view of giving trends at your church, from a comprehensive overview to individualized recommendations.

Church Management System 

Church Management System that connects your database with the means to help you know, grow, and keep your people. And so much more! With a glance you can discover a total comprehensive  solution that could  make your church experience  second to none.  Talk to our expert to learn more

Faithpays Check-ins

The faithpays check-ins helps you welcome your congregation to church or meetings in a zero stress environment. Check-Ins allows you to check people in and out quickly and safely and easy to set up.

Faithpays Calendar

Simplify collaboration for event scheduling and setup Calendar is the place to manage your master event schedule and track rooms and resources.

Faithpays service

Conduct spirit filled church services with faith filled teams. Faithpays Services gives you the potential to schedule activities, create worship plans, create groups and equip your team for a spirit filled service

Online Giving

Online giving Make it easier for your congregation to give. Faithpays Online giving can help you accept and process donations, track trends, and issue statements.


Connect your congregation through community. Groups can help you create an online group index, take signups, and track attendance


Faithpays digitral attendance tracking systems helps in keeping track of every church members. Faithpays digital attendendance system is easy safe and secure


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